About Neil Johnson

Neil began playing Snooker on a full sized table in 1984 at the age of 14, and compiled his first century break within a year. Over the next few years his obvious natural ability for the game saw him become one of the brightest young talents in the North West of England.

At the age of 20 Neil went on to became the youngest professionally qualified coach in the history of the game after the WPBSA allowed him to take his National Coaching Certificate with Jack Karnham 5 years early.  

At around the same time he was becoming a well-known name on the National Pro-Am circuit and by the age of 23 had won 6 pro-am tournaments and made over 2000 century breaks.

Even with this level of success he still wasn’t sure he was cut out for the pro circuit as his love of coaching was becoming ever more apparent, and the players that he was teaching were beginning to win regional events after taking up the game only months beforehand.

When Neil eventually decided to give the pro’s a go it quickly became obvious that his personality was far more suited for helping to develop players than it was to continue with his attempt at climbing up the pro ranks, and after two years of relative success he retired from competitive play.

From there on Neil began to teach on a more regular basis and over the next few years he had produced a clutch of Merseyside and North West Champions.

This local success led to bigger things and along with his wife Paula Neil opened The Liverpool Academy of Snooker Excellence. This out and out Academy for player development was designed to be somewhere that players of all standards could go and improve their game, and they did. At one stage the Academy boasted 12 players under the age 16 who had made century breaks, and it was said by many at the time that no other one place had ever produced so much home grown talent. Two of these players, Daniel McCann and Clayton Humphries made their first maximum 147 breaks within 3 years of picking up a cue, and Danny also went on to become English Junior Champion. Both players have since gone on to represent England on many occasions.

The secret to this success was not only down to Neil’s coaching abilities but also to the unique training devices used to develop a player’s accuracy and consistency. He was continually developing training aids that were helping players to improve various aspects of their technique in double quick time, and it wasn’t long before these developments were winning multiple innovation awards for product design. This area of his work became very demanding on his time making it impossible to coach and run the Academy full time whilst developing these devices also. A decision had to be made and unfortunately the Liverpool Academy of Snooker Excellence had to close.

Neil has gone on to produce the multi award winning Gravity Cue and the 360 PureCue Stroke Trainer which is already receiving universal acclaim, and was featured live with Steve Davis on the BBC at the 2011 World Championships at Sheffield. And there are many more exciting new game changing developments to come.

Neil Johnson (Middle)

Neil Johnson (Middle)

Neil is now head coach of the Merseyside Junior Snooker Academy at the George Scott Snooker Club and has gone on to become an IBSF & WPBSA “Master Coach” and recently has passed The EASB and IBSF coaching course.

Whilst taking part on the course the “International Billiards & Snooker Association” coaching staff were so impressed with Neil’s teaching abilities, they officially honoured him with the title of “Snookers Master of Modern Mechanics” and also invited him to become a “Master Coach Examiner”, off which there are currently only seven in the world.


Individual Adult lessons

  • £30 per hour (£20 per hour for Merseyside residents).
  • Half day (4 hours) £110 (£80 Merseyside residents).
  • Full day (8 hours) £200  (£160 Merseyside residents).


Individual Juniors lessons

  • £25 per hour (£15 for Merseyside residents).
  • Half day (4 hours) £90 (£60 Merseyside residents).
  • Full day (8 hours)  £170 (£120 Merseyside residents).



Lessons in pairs (2 people) add 25% to fee.

Lessons for groups (3 to 12 people) add 50% to fee.

Excludes travel time outside the County of Merseyside, fuel cost and table hire (where applicable).

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